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Introduction   July 2011 

Equip, Empower and Educate -Legal and Non-lethal-

WHY  April 2014  1 year

Statistics  Child Safety and Abuse Prevention Programs website

Safety First Tips and Tools   

Emergency Tool· 5-1 flashlight  

Statistic: Half million house fires every year- Personal Alarms·

Every 40 secs a child is abducted is is estimated there are 20 attempts –

7 in 10 will walk away with a stranger and 68% who abduct are women.

Damsel in Defense Equipment and Education Step off action/motion sensor and door stop alarm, kubaton/keychain, striking tool called Sock it 2 Me,pepper spray UV marking dye, 16-22ft stream, highly effective, stun gun  Get a Grip and Pack a Punch in stock- most effective product for varied possible situations.

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