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My Passion is Health, Wellness & Fitness. We are all unique. Shouldn't our nutrition be too?

Customized Nutrition is here, because one size fits no one. Designed for you. Built by science. Learn more about customized, pharmaceutical grade specially formulated vitamins. IDNutrition provides you the exact nutrition you need, when you need it. It also blocks what your body shouldn't have based on your history.  How do we know? We begin with a FREE Online IDAssessment. Takes about 10 min. Yes, we took the guesswork out and we have a world patent on the assessment platform. You get a comprehensive report all about you and includes a health score with tips on how to improve with straightforward insightful information to help you on your path to health, wellness and fitness if that is your goal. Recommendations are then suggested to fit your current health and goals. They are not formulated until you order them.  No bottles.  Delivered to your door in AM/PM strip packs in a 30 day supply. 

Who doesn't want to feel better and look their best? Perhaps you're training for events, we have a clean, second to none, performance line as well.  We put you first.

Learn how people are changing their lives in 3 simple steps...hint: think #IDX

Click on "View Products" to see our entire product line and their nutritional information.  We have Certified Kosher & Certified Organic Protein, Snack and Kids Bars.  All whole food product line. Clean.  So clean that Whole Foods Markets scrutinized our products and asked for a national contract although their pricing will always be higher as a requirement. Best pricing offered here online.

Ask about about the corporate and retail programs that we offer to share health and wellness education with our community.

Reach out to us. Most days, response time is within the hour.  I am either with a client or working out with one of my fitness gyms, bootcamps, or accountability partner and trainer. 

This is my heart to help others.  I am here for you all the way to your goal.  I look forward to helping you!   -Kim

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